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Name of Organisation: African Women's Development Fund
Address: PMB CT 89, Cantonments, Accra Ghana
Contact Details: Telepnone: +233 28 9669666

Organisation Goals


The African Women’s Development Fund (AWDF) is a grant-making foundation, which aims to support the work of the African Women’s movement. The vision of AWDF is for African women to live with integrity and in peace in a world where there is social justice, equality and respect for women’s human rights. To this end, our mission is to mobilise financial, human and material resources to support initiatives for transformation led by African women and the African women’s movement.

If women and women’s organisations are empowered with skills, information, sustainable livelihoods, opportunities to fulfill their potential, plus the capacity and space to make transformatory choices, then we will have vibrant, healthy and inclusive communities.
Our fundraising, grant-making and communications strategies are based on the following values and principles:
  • We believe in the personhood of African women, and that their rights are an inalienable, indivisible and integral part of universal human rights
  • We believe in acknowledging, valuing and rewarding women’s paid and unpaid labour in the private and public
  • We believe in solidarity, partnerships, networking
  • We believe in investing in young women’s leadership, and promoting an inter-generational transfer of skills and knowledge.
  • We believe in nurturing feminist principles and promoting feminist leadership
  • We believe in women’s bodily integrity
  • We believe in valuing women’s diversity
  • We believe in creating and sustaining spaces where women can thrive and achieve their full potential, and where their voices can be amplified.
  • We listen to women, and we respect their knowledge, perspectives and experiences
  • We believe in the growth and long-term sustainability of organisations led and managed by women in a democratic, transparent and progressive manner.
  • We believe that the African women’s movement is part of a broader movement within and outside Africa, aimed at creating an enabling environment for good governance, social justice, and equality, and which tries to counter the negative consequences of globalisation.
  • We believe that our work is linked to that of a Global Women’s Movement which has worked hard for gains for women, and which is sustained by the voices, hands and work of women from all over the world


Strategic Goal 1: To support African women’s organisations and the African Women’s Movement in their work to promote, protect and realise women’s human rights, through grant-making, capacity building, advocacy and movement building
Strategic Goal 2: To sustain AWDF as a financially secure, effective and well governed feminist philanthropic organisation
Strategic Goal 3: To implement an effective, multi-purpose communications strategy
Strategic Goal 4: To strengthen knowledge management and organisational learning
Strategic Goal 5: To promote an African agenda for philanthropy

  1. To provide grants to support the work of African women’s organisations in the positive   transformation of women’s lives
  2. To assist AWDF grantees to invest in long-term planning and institutional development
  3. To support capacity building initiatives which encourage good practice in African women’s organisation’s leadership and management, learning, networking, partnerships and collaborations.
  4. To improve documentation and grants management processes

Organisation Works


Thematic Grantmaking Areas from 2011

  • Women’s Human Rights
  • Economic Empowerment and Livelihoods
  • Governance, Peace and Security
  • Health and Reproductive Rights
  • Arts, Culture and Sports
  • Grantmaking Lenses
  • Women’s Leadership
  • Young women and girls
  • Marginalised women

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