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The terrain of African philanthropy is so diverse, and it remains untapped for, inter-alia, reasons of inadequate resources for the development of African models of philanthropy, and for the celebration of lesser known but highly innovative and impactful initiatives aimed at improving the welfare of communities and individuals in society, which structures require support in different ways. Thus, the need for support for African philanthropy lays emphasis on the building of policy environments, leadership, and knowledge for betterment of an environment that is continuously attentive to the societal welfare, especially for those at the margins of society. Support for philanthropy is an all-inclusive phenomenon:

  • Supporting African Grantmaking and philanthropic foundations, who have established mechanisms for supporting new and innovative forms of African philanthropy.
  • Supporting research activities aimed at deepening the use of indigenous models of philanthropy.
  • Support in the form of practices by High Net Worth Individuals, to demonstrate to peers that there is increasing need to recognise and support philanthropy, as epitomized by the announcement by the Motsepe Family, in January 2013, in their announcement that they will contribute a part of their wealth towards philanthropy in South Africa.
  • The recognition and support of community structures, to raise resources for their projects, or helping them to set up structures for their assets, and development (e.g. long term community funds).

The African Grantmakers Network is available to share with all partners in philanthropy development a data base of foundations and organisations, which require support by virtue of their exemplification of African philanthropy development.

The AGN secretariat acknowledges and thanks funders towards their unwavering support of the strategy, theory of change, bi-annual assemblies and programmes.


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